A Journey to Financial Independence through Video Games


  1. Sujandar Mahesan
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    This is really good take on the issue, just like you i’m also worried and annoyed by this situation. Not just worried it also takes away the trust of their customers in my opinion. They should really take that into consideration and improve these things in the future.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Captain Murasa
      at · Reply

      If they have the features I mentioned earlier, I would’ve considered using it (even with the exclusivity deal). It just gives me a bad taste when people offer me lackluster products and try to upsell you on this.

      I guess you can see it as upselling; they offer you something you won’t get anywhere else (even if the product that is used to upsell is actually really good) but the base thing is crap.

  2. Ayodeji
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    This is a great write up and analysis. Am a gamer but I have just a little knowledge about epic store. I’ve came across it but thinking it was just like every other store out there. Am more into PC and PlayStation games because I love playing offline than online. The more reason I go for PC is because I can get more games of different varieties without having to buy console just like you analysed. Great post, quite helpful. 

    • Captain Murasa
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      I would be careful of buying from the Epic Game Store right now. They need to have their launcher work offline if you want to play offline and they don’t offer that. It kinda sucks for me because I do travel for a long period offline and if I buy any games there I wouldn’t be able to launch them. (I can be crafty and launch the executable straight from the desktop, but I have seen some games that are tied directly to the launcher!)

  3. Renton
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    This is a very intetesting post!

    It is really interesting to me to learn a little bit of the inner working and history of games. I think that if Epic Games hopes to compete, they are going to have to bring something better to the table. For starters they can introduce a chat room of some sort for gamers to interact and definitely a feedback system so gamers can give their opinions as well as offer improvements to make their business more user friendly and therfore more popular.

    I think gamers have enough problems to deal with (like getting ripped of by EA). I think that if these gaming giants are not careful one day soon someone is going to swoop into the market and offer both developers and gamers exactly what they want. Gamers want to play great games and are definitely willing to pay for it without getting ripped off by the companies.

    Developers want to make money but they also want people to play their games and enjoy them no matter what console or rig they use. It is just a matter of time before a company gets this balance right.

    When you talked about exclusivity is that like when God Of War 3 was only being made for PS3 or is that something else?

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Captain Murasa
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      Great comment. I agree with you on everything. Gamers are starting to get tired of the same crap the giant developers/publishers are pushing in order to squeeze more money out of us.

      Threatening or insulting the customers on their ability is also a very bad move as well. It will make the customers no longer want their products because the developers have decided to break their relationship with them. You’re seeing this in a lot of media right now like with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and even recently 4A Games has responded to the backlash rather poorly.

      For exclusivity, it is exactly what you said! It’s like God of War only being made for PS3 and nowhere else! I’m more inclined not to buy a product if it is not available for me. I actually avoided a lot of PlayStation games because of that. (Kind of regretting it now, but hey, there’s emulation!)

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