Move over Twitch, DLive is coming to the top!

Being a small-time streamer, I realized that I was competing with millions of streamers on Twitch. Not only that, it’s a lonely world out there. You’re consistently trying to talk to other streamers, and you realize these guys have nothing for you. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Of course, no one owes you anything, you need to show value… But let’s not worry about that for now. We should talk about a platform that helps not only you, the streamer, but also help your viewers as well! The platform I’m about to talk about is small, upcoming, but it is unique, welcoming and primed to receive new streamers to the fray!

You’re more likely to find people with a smaller community and a very welcoming one. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me advocating and promoting DLive.


What is DLive?

In short, DLive is another streaming platform. But what this entire post will talk about is what sets it apart from the rest. I find that it is absolutely focused on community and rewarding them for being engaged.

Right from the CEO of DLive, Charles Wayn, he mentions what DLive is as well as its mission in this community post. What really stood out for me was this exact quote about the mission right here:

The mission of DLive is to create a community-owned live streaming platform and empower creators and users through a revolutionary rewards system.

This right here is what got me. I was looking for a way to contribute to the community as well as somehow providing value to anyone who comes right my way. I like it for that reason. Everyone, may they be the content creator, but also the viewers can contribute to the community at hand. Everyone likes helping and this incentivizes it!

What does DLive do for you, the Streamer?

DLive operates on the crypto-currency, LINO Blockchain. LINO is based around creating content value and it is decentralized. As long, you create something that someone values (and that someone is a real person behind the screen), you will get paid. On the other side, if someone likes your content, they can genuinely give you a tip, a gift or a subscription in return.

So as mentioned in the aforementioned post, DLive does not take any cuts from any of your earnings (be it subscription or a gift). That’s pretty sweet! You actually get 90.1% of the earnings! The other 9.9% goes towards a pool that other people have invested in the platform. I’ll get to that in a bit. Here’s an image to easily illustrate this (courtesy of DLive):

DLive's Payment System for Streamers

Now, they also mentioned that you get a nice bonus just for streaming! This happens 7 days after you finish a stream! Isn’t that nice, you get actually get paid right away just to stream yourself playing video games! Exactly what we are about! This bonus is based on how many people who donated to your stream as well as their reputation. It also depends on your rank as a stream during that period. Again, here’s another image to convey how this works thanks to DLive:

What does DLive do for you, the Viewer?

Here’s something that any other platform doesn’t do. You also get paid just to watch streamers play your favorite game! You are incentivized to chat and interact with other streamers. Now here’s the thing, this is not hardware mining. You need to be around actually watching and chatting on the stream. Here’s a screen of me watching one of my favorite DLive Streamers, ArticWolf! (Also follow him on Twitter too!)


See that chest right on the bottom of the screen? There’s a little progress bar that increases as you continue watch the streamer. It also goes faster as you continue to chat with the streamer. The rate is about 1 message per minute, which prevents people from constantly spamming the chat in order to get that bar grow faster. Once you click on it, you open a chest to get your points!

Now, I know you only get 1 or 2 LINO point every time but it does add up! Just by passively watching the Streamer you can eventually earn currency to support them! Drop them a lemon, ice cream, diamonds or even a Ninjaghini! (Ninja + Lamborghini… Get it?) You can even use this currency to subscribe to them if they are partnered with DLive! You don’t need to even buy with real currency, but the option is always there if you log into your LINO account. Just make sure you keep track of your password and your recovery phrase; LINO can’t help you if you lose it!

What’s this about investing into the platform?

So aside from all of these features making it interesting for us end users, how does the company get money if they’re not getting any money from it? From the Charles’ message for anyone new to DLive, he even mentions how they earn money. DLive is built on LINO Blockchain, which is I have mentioned before, a decentralized and autonomous content ecosystem. Since there is new content created every day, new LINO points are generated. The amount of points is calculated based on network calculation, around 0.2% – 9.9% annually. These points are distributed to infrastructure, developers on DLive, validators and the users who contribute to the network. This is a completely sustainable system, focused on building and rewarding an engaged community.

Here is, yet another image showing how DLive sustains itself. (Thanks DLive!)

DLive making money

Now here’s where we come in. We are the users who contribute to the community, and thus we are obligated to help out. Well, not really, but if you like what you see here, you might as well want to see them succeed too! They already scratched our backs, and I’m inclined to scratch theirs once I’m able to afford enough LINO to invest into the points. This is done by locking my LINO points in.

Locking your points mean that you are now officially invested into the platform. You earn rewards based on the consumption of all content for the previous day. (Not just yours, but everyone’s consumption!) These are liquid, meaning you can use them to immediately gift or transfer.

Now this is a weird way of looking at it, but it is best thought of as an investment. You use your time (or money, if you want to accelerate this) to earn enough LINO to lock in the right amount of points in. Right now, as of this post, the conversion is $11.00 USD to get 1000 LINO points. You need 1000 LINO points to lock in. When someone sends a gift, you earn 9.9% of that gift based on your contribution.

So in math: Your Locked Points/Total Locked Points x 9.9% = your reward

This means that once more people can contribute to the Locked LINO points fund, and more people get onto the streaming platform, this means we get more out of it! It is an investment especially as more people get word of it and start joining! It doesn’t matter if you’re just a viewer or a content creator on DLive, anyone can contribute to the Locked LINO Points system!

So what do you think about DLive?

DLive is pretty awesome and it is the upcoming underdog to attack Twitch’s throne as being the top streaming platform. Everyone is very welcoming and very helpful! I’m seeing a lot of streamers who see the Tweets from Twitter over at @OfficialDLive who are considering making the switch! If you’re another streamer looking to stream another platform, don’t hesitate! In fact, you can stream at Twitch, Mixer and DLive at the same time (as long, you’re not restricted by your affiliate/partner program) using Restream! DLive has officially partnered with Restream!

I don’t think there’s any reason for anyone who is looking to start to stream to go on Twitch when you have an amazing platform over at DLive.

If you want to follow DLive, I’ve already linked their Twitter account, but you can also join the Discord Community as well! Definitely check out the platform, you won’t regret it.

I also stream there regularly, so you can catch me over at DLive!

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6 thoughts on “Move over Twitch, DLive is coming to the top!”

  1. It sounds like an excellent way to give the newcomers to the streaming world a platform to stand on and actually catch up with the ‘big boys’. I find this is a problem with a lot of sectors online – the influencers very rarely respond to anyone they deem unworthy, meaning it’s very hard for newbies to learn the top tips to succeed in their niche. 

    How is this blockchain currency paid out – do you need to amass a certain amount first and then apply through a payment processor?

    1. Oh definitely, the struggle to find an audience for your niche is real.

      So for LINO to be paid out, you need to have at least 2000 LINO points in your account before they can pay you out. That nearly works out to be $20 bucks for you. It’s actually quite neat if you’re doing quite well as a streamer.

  2. DLive looks a very good option to earn money with sharing and watching content. I checked DLive and I found some people I already follow on other sites. I didn’t know that many people I already follow are using this platform. I really like that you can earn LINO with it. As you wrote, this is not huge money for a streamer, but it can be a nice amount – a little extra profit – for the content creators. Thanks for the article.

    1. Yeah, DLive has been getting a lot of ground lately and there are a lot of streamers making the jump. It’s quite amazing how fast it’s been growing. We’ll have to see how well they will fare. in the next few months.

  3. Hi Murasa,

    Thanks for sharing this review about how awesome the streamer platform is. 

    I have been looking for the exact streamer like this over the months, I found some but not comfortable with the platform. 

    This is very helpful for a newbie game streamer as well. I just bookmarked this post for future reference. 

    Keep sharing this kind of post.

    1. Glad I’m of some assistance. 😀 If you’re not looking to stream, you could always come by and take a look and what streamers are offering.

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